Holidays Unplugged

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About The Pledge

This holiday season, Saatchi & Saatchi LA asks that you pledge to spend hours of meaningful time with your loved ones. For every hour pledged, we will donate $1 to Adopt-a-Family*, all the way up to $10,000. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 hours by unplugging and sharing stories, keeping traditions, and giving a few hugs along the way.

Pledge Levels

Pledge of 1 Hour

Holidays Unplugged Original Hit Theme Song

Let’s face it: The song’s already in your head. Now enjoy it with friends and family, and forget all about those pesky work emails.

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Pledge of 10 Hours

Wi-Fi Deterrent

Is your in-home Wi-Fi robbing you of quality family time? Unplug your router, plug in this Santa-themed deterrent and let the screenless magic begin.

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Pledge of 20 Hours

Cracked-Screen Sticker

This sticker gives the appearance that mobile phone screens have been shattered. Place it on your loved one’s phone for quality non-screen time.

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Pledge of 50 Hours

Television Remote In-Home Camouflage

It’s camouflage that you can place over your remote to prevent access to television during family time. Choose from carpet or wood to blend in with your floor.

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Pledge of 100 Hours

Xmas Unplugged Sweater

This holiday season’s hottest sweater comes with the sleeves sewn shut. Go ahead, see if you can answer work emails, send texts or take a call… without hands!

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Pledge of 150 Hours

Mini Electrified Fence

Nothing says “keep away” better than a 10,000-watt jolt. Place mobile phones and laptops inside the perimeter and plug in to unplug.

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Pledge of 200 Hours

Sleeping-Dart Booby Trap

For the ultimate screen-time deterrent, we’ve created this amazing booby trap. Place any computer or laptop on its pressure plate, and anyone who tries to remove it will get hit with a tranquilizer dart. For the family that’s serious about bringing screen time down and quality time up.

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